Tamarack XC Ski Center

Feb 10, 2016

Tamarack XC

By now, you probably know that the mountain has been completely open for months, shattering last year's snowfall total with some of the best conditions we've had in years. What you may not know, is that as of this week Tamarack XC Ski Center is officially 100% open. Located in the Mammoth Lakes Basin next to Twin Lakes and Tamarack Lodge, the center boasts over 20 miles of groomed trails to explore. The trails span past Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, and Horseshoe Lake, ranging from expert to beginner. They provide some of the best scenic views in the area and cross country skiing allows you to get there easily. With the awesome warmer temps we've been having on the hill, this week is the perfect time to throw on a t-shirt and a hat and hit the trails.

See you on the trail.